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i give up, sorry.
please don't try to comfort me, the way that people have ignored me and my art brought me down last year too and i've picked myself back up this year, but if it still ends the same way even after i've tried again then what's the point anymore.

i'm tired. obviously i won't go anywhere with my art so lets stop now before i waste even more of my time on this shit.

im sorry for trying.
im sorry for being a failure.
im sorry for not kissing ass.

if you like what someone does, tell them before they give up too.
no one's a mindreader.

hiatus until Minimum-Holders open.

:points: :points: :points:

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to do

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JOlanouille Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
nooo rlly i like ur art so much
i really hope that ur going to return one day
the more fan u have the more haters will come
srsly ;n; just
i love u
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